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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Wow, I'm drunk...

Fucking John "Bowser" Bowman , formerly of Sha-Na-Na, continues to suck massive quantities of flower punch cunt tittie. was going to actually publish this shit for people to read?/?


What the fuck was I stinking?
get it?

Anyways. I'm making a suit for willy. he wants this suit fucking 100%death defying .. butI gets no feedback til it's done.this is like a mexican standoff.

Which smurf do you want to see on willybobo's gimp suit?

I told you I was drunk , right?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So this is the future?

It's that time of the year again , time for parents and step-parents and people in relationships with people who have kids to rejoice ... it's school time.

Well, rejoice in theory ; Jesus fuck everything is expensive . I don't mind paying the money out but we're getting notices form teachers a day into the school year that the stuff we bought for the kids isn't good. Oh no, you need specialized folders , you need a trapper keeper for math and a normal binder for English. Oh and three spiral notebooks and a old grade style notebook for Home Ec.

Ok, fine. Whatever but you really wanna know what perterbs me the most?

Not only do they have the kids using calculators in fucking grade school now but we were just informed that while the calculator we had to buy for the one child would be okay for his science class , it wouldn't be okay for math because ... ready for this? It's not a "scientific calculator".

Yep, he needs a "scientific calculator" for math.

Shoot me in the fucking head please.

Then , on top of this , the teacher sends home a snide note with this request for a specific calculator and underlines the part where "I can pick up a cheap one for under $10".

I was tempted to send this as a reply ....

"Dear Cunts,
Number one, what the fuck are kids doing using calculators in grade school to begin with? I thought the idea behind school was to fucking learn.
Number two , What the have to make a point to tell me how much a "cheap calculator " runs? I have news for you, three kids in school and nothing is goddamned cheap. You idiot fucks with your 3 month long vacations crying poverty "oh poor underpaid teacher" , meanwhile you're passing children with nothing but "f"s and "d"s so you don't have to deal with them next year. Why isn't this shit trhat you require for class covered by the school? what the fuck are my school taxes going to pay for? Oh wait, I forgot ..those lazy cunt welfare bitches who sit on their fucking asses all day spending my goddamned money because their baby-daddy is out knocking some other fucking teenybopper skank up to begin the circle of welfare life anew.
Number three, shove your fucking calculator up you ass.

Educationally yours,

p.s. cunts."

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just another victim of the funk balls

It's been two months since my last update
Almost to the day
Nothing really interesting to report at this time.
I have been playing more bass though, which some may say is not a good thing.
Fuck them, the Mobile Fuck Unit must be launched.

I have a vacation of sorts.
This week, I am only thinking primarily for myself.
My freind the werecow with the bad breath is not here to forget shit.
Somewhere , the servers are feeling a lightening of the load.
And I can have lunch in peace.

I can't get that damn L'Alize song out of my head.
Damn the broad that sing it is fine.
I'd drag my tongue over a mile of barbed wire just to lick a picture of her pooter.

Well, maybe not a picture.

It's weird how life goes....
Last year this time I lived in a shitty apartment and was playing out at bars every weekend and having a great time , depsite the fact I pretty much couldn't stand the unreliable cocksuckers in my band.

Now :
I have a house (only 29 more years of payments to go, YEAH!).
A cat about to have kittens which ,I'm sure, none of which will like me either .
I play bass most every day and learn new songs constantly (I never practiced really while in the band...pretty much no need to as we had been playing the same shit for three years) .
For the first time since I was 18 , I'm not in a bar blowing my money every weekend.

Last weekend , I actually felt the way I wanted to feel in a band. I had the right combination of friends who I always have a good time around and who never fail to make me laugh until I wake up with a brown spot in my drawers the next day. The only depressing part is when everyone has to go home....

Well, that and when we run out of beer.

This post is dedicated to Willy, Miker, Bundus and Tracy who make every weekend still worth looking forward to.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Happy Birthday ???? NOT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Eh , I got reading Cap'n Mike's Bar and Grill blog and decided what better day to make one of these than my birthday (which , other than some nice presents from home and breakfast in bed, has sucked some major ass) .
So, here it is ... and here I am. I may write a whole bunch of interesting stuff or I may just lose interest and forget about it. The only way to know for sure is to check it from time to time.